International roster

Here is a list of bands we’ve worked or are still working with:

Marisa Anderson (Usa/Thrill Jockey)
Chantal Acda (Be, Glitterhouse)
Itasca (Usa/Paradise of Bachelors)
Pillar Point (Usa/Polyvinyl Rec)
Avec le Soleil Sortant de Sa Bouche (Can/Constellation Rec)
Einar Stray Orchestra (Nor/Sinnbus)
Dark Rooms (Usa)
Hater (Swe, Fire Rec)
Panteon (Usa, Mouthwatering rec)
Jess Williamson (Usa, Brutal Honest)
Virginia Wing (Uk, Fire Rec)
A/T/O/S (Be, Deep Medi)
SX (Be, Clay Rec)
Odd Beholder (Swi, Mouthwatering Rec)
Yeah but No (De, Sinnbus Rec)
Kuf (De, Macro Recordings)
Dijf Sanders (Be, Werf)
Cotillon (Usa, Burger Rec)
Binoculers (De, Insular)
Me and My Drummer (De, Sinnbus)
Stephen Steinbrink (Usa, Melodic Records)
Will Johnson (Usa, Undertow)