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A/T/O/S (A Taste of Struggle) nasce dalla mente di Amos & Truenoys. Out per la prestigiosa Deep Medi, i due colpiscono per l'abilità di miscelare diverse dub, trip hop ed elettronica attraverso un approccio elettronico estremamente moderno e complesso.

A/T/O/S (A Taste of Struggle) is a project by Amos & Truenoys. Their first ever creation followed their 1st ever meeting (summer 2012) & resonated with Mala, who immediately signed them to his label, DEEP MEDI MUSIK. A/T/O/S leave the categorising to the listener but they describe the results as being "their influences blended & shaken... nurtured by bass" They explore different frequencies and territories bringing a different energy as "music is (and should be) a moving & evolving experience".


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"They craft a breathtaking, tenacious merging of R&B and bring new ideas to the trip-hop genre" SPUTNIK MUSIC

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