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Black Sea Dahu è un nuovissimo progetto ideato dalla songwriter svizzera Janine Cathrein. L'impianto alt folk delle sue composizioni, ricchissime di splendidi ed elaborati arrangiamenti ed intuizioni sonore di alto livello sono la perfetta cornice per la vocalità di Janine, unica nella sua straordinaria timbrica ed estremamente flessibile nelle sue articolate seppur immediate melodie.

White Creatures – the debut full-length from Swiss outfit Black Sea Dahu –  is the type of record that will rearrange your internal architecture and, ultimately, make you see the world and yourself anew. If you let it. When you press play, you are basically committing to a vision quest, an x-ray like rendering of the human condition as experienced by vocalist and songwriter, Janine Cathrein. The entire journey – because that’s what it feels like – is set to a gritty, dusty, yet orchestrally rich and cinematic take on the urban folk aesthetic.


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"Music of Earthen density that, somehow, manages to defy the whims of gravity." SOUNDLAB

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Black Sea Dahu Vertigo
Black Sea Dahu – Infos