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Camilla Sparksss è l’alter ego elettronico di Barbara Lehnhoff, un centrifugato di beat post-punk/industriali, stranianti influenze synth pop, cut/paste viscerali. Il suo nuovo lavoro "Brutal", out per On The Camper Rec. approfondisce ulteriormente la sua ricerca sonora, unica nel panorama underoground europeo, impossibile da incasellare, coraggiosa, sperimentale.

October 12th 2018 was the release date of "Quasi Cool" a new synth pop post-summer single that celebrates the end of the heat stroke that swept across Europe this past summer of '18, with cuttings hypnotic synths, Egyptian beats and a witty tribute to Vanilla Ice. Quasi Cool is the first single of her upcoming 2019 album "Brutal". Brutal: this is Camilla Sparksss.


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"The new princess of the dark experimental electronic music" | SICARIO

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