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A novembre cureremo le date italiane del tour europeo dei Gotobeds (Usa), band bomba via Sub Pop Records. Il loro ultimo album, Debt Begins at 30 è stato realizzato per la maggior parte agli Electrical Ladies di Chicago, gli studi di proprietà di Steve Albini. Ognuna delle sue undici canzoni vede qualche ospite tra cui Bob Nastanovich dei Pavement, Joe Casey e Greg Ahee dei Protomartyr, Bob Weston degli Shellac, Victoria Ruiz dei Downtown Boys e molti altri.

The Gotobeds - Cary, TFP, Eli and Gavin - return to the fray with their third full lengther, ‘Debt Begins at 30’. The esprit de corps and anxiety-free joy that permeates their other LPs and EPs remains intact. The octane is high-test, the engine still has knocks and pings and the battery is overcharged. The Gotobeds - as Pittsburgh as it gets, the folk music of the Steel City - have more tar for us to swallow. Debt Begins at 30 is an old-fashioned blast furnace and the liquid iron flows. Debt Begins at 30 is not “pub sop” in any way or shape and features outside contributors on every track.


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"Sarcastic, angry, noisy and sometimes bratty" BROOKLYN VEGAN

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