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Nessuno spettacolo al momento in programma

Il progetto dream pop della compositrice svizzera Daniela Weinmann è caratterizzato da un drum programming minimale, scarno, associato a dei multi layers di synth analogici. La sua voce algida e malinconica è la cornice perfetta per un progetto introspettivo di grande eleganza.

Both sober and dreamy, Odd Beholder's music is as sublime as an empty parking lot in early morning light. In spring 2017, the band released its second EP "Atlas" that took up the cool and minimalistic electronica of the first EP "Lighting". Odd Beholder articulate alienation. As beholders, they stand next to what's going on in a strange world, but they don't perceive themselves as innocent bystanders. Instead, Daniela Weinmann tries to sort things out and make sense of her impressions. Out on Sinnbus with her new album "All Reality is Virtual".


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"Here you catch yourself drifting into daydreams" STEREO EMBERS MAG

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