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I WBS sono una delle formazioni dalle sonorità più internazionali della nostra scena in bilico tra fascinazioni elettroniche e meravigliose incursioni dream pop. Il loro universo,  le esperienze vissute, le emozioni e tutto quello che ci gira attorno tra territori dance e scenari dreamy, tra ambient raffinata e moderna forma canzone.

The Sailors are back, after a gusty voyage, their suitcases full of experiences and music in their ears. Welcome Back Sailors are relatively young as a band but old friends in life and they maybe share music and interests from even before knowing each other. Transparent and The Fader noticed them after just one song on the web. From that moment a continuous talking is following the band. From the Po Valley the blastoff to reach anyone who likes warm and colorful songs.


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"Eminently listenable and fun" | THE FADER

"Fucking awesome" SKYFALL

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Welcome Back Sailors
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